Suicide Prevention Week Musings
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Suicide Prevention Week Musings

.K Rowling used the “dementors” in her Harry Potter stories to represent her depression and I find it vey apt (dementors – those making you demented, something alien and terrifying tearing at the very fabric of your being and pulling you apart). I want you who do not suffer this disease to know that when the dark fog closes in on us,

We see NO OPTIONS (though there may be plenty).
In fact we can’t think clearly at all. Our autonomic nervous system is in fight or flight mode and shuts down our higher order thinking. We struggle to take it back so we can live life…. Continue reading

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Suffering Is Optional

REALLY????????? For many years, not only did I not believe that, I even actually became angry when someone suggested it.  If they insisted, I would scream, “But HOW?  I AM IN SUCH PAIN!” (because he/she/it is hurting me, and THEY should not be.) Let me share my morning thoughts with you.  (photo from “999,999,999 people” on … Continue reading