Angry Words  By Scott McPherson
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Angry Words By Scott McPherson

Do not see other people’s anger and frustrations as being about you. They are admittedly ugly, aggressive and even scary requests for love. But they are not windows into how the person really is. They’re just really scared. You’ve just seen how they get mad, not “who they are.”. Continue reading

My Story Beating Trauma – By Elisabeth Corey
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My Story Beating Trauma – By Elisabeth Corey

The extreme abuse in our family might seem easily discernible to outsiders. In our case, it wasn’t. We were a typical suburban family. We lived in a four-bedroom house as a middle-class family with a mother, father and two children. We had plenty of social circles. The parents worked. The children attended school and after-school activities. We didn’t move around all the time. We did not request government or social services that may have shined a light on our family dysfunction. Nobody suspected anything. We seemed like a “normal” family.
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Does The “If Only” Trap Control Your Life?

IF ONLY I were (better looking, thinner, curvier, taller, shorter, married, divorced, richer, smarter, a mom/dad, not a mom/dad, employed, retired, lived in a different state, etc.), THEN I would be happy. Recognize anyone?  Do you spend much time dreaming about greener grasses and complaining about your own pasture? “If only” is one of our favorite defense mechanisms. It’s tricky … Continue reading

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Suffering Is Optional

REALLY????????? For many years, not only did I not believe that, I even actually became angry when someone suggested it.  If they insisted, I would scream, “But HOW?  I AM IN SUCH PAIN!” (because he/she/it is hurting me, and THEY should not be.) Let me share my morning thoughts with you.  (photo from “999,999,999 people” on … Continue reading